Move Congress 2015 Copenaghen - Part 3

How did you develop the program that is strongly customer focused based on detailed insight into the lifestyles, behaviours, and wishes of the individuals? 

Sergio is an advertising agent, he is creative, a keen observer … so 5.30 is simply what people are looking for: an sport events which is clean, easy, eco friendly, not too hard but at the some time, a challenge for everyone! I have studied a lot and after years and years of theory, I have felt deep in my self, that in order to improve our health we need to invest energy in good nutrition and daily activity. People need a healthy lifestyle opportunity, ready to live: 5.30!

People need to know but even need to live the experience. We all, have to offer new opportunities which are simple and sustainable, were we live, in our towns as they are – without having to change a thing.

We need to associate good feelings with movement and fresh fruit. This is 5.30. 

5.30 is a real opportunity to live healthy food and daily activity. Scientific evidence are clear, if we want to live long and well, a full vibrant life, we have to be more active, how much more? 5 K daily is enough – and what should we eat every day to protect and promote our health? Overall…plant based food: fruit is the best way to start your day and the perfect snack 24 h, from 1 to 100 years old. Trends and studies have shown this for more than 3 decades. This is nothing new. All we have done is to take healthy principles to the street, in a smart way, affordable for all.